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Margaret received her Hand Analysis certification from the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA) in February 2005. She became interested in studying Hand Analysis after a group reading with IIHA founder, Richard Unger.

"Everything Richard told me about myself in that brief reading was spot on," she said, "I wanted to learn more about this tool". Shortly after meeting Mr. Unger, Margaret was able to take the Hand Analysis Intensive class with IIHA Master Hand Analyst, Ronelle Coburn. Margaret attended advanced Hand Analysis study classes taught by Ms. Coburn.

Margaret is a Reiki Master, and a Veriditas-trained Labyrinth facilitator. She is a member of the Houston Community of the Labyrinth.


Margaret continues her 20+ year career in the energy and aerospace world where she has worked on projects for several government branches. She has been involved in software development for flight simulators, space software and a few hardware development projects. Margaret holds a Master of Science in Software Engineering and a Master of Business Administration.

When asked why she ventured into the intuitive world, Margaret replied. "I've been searching for a tool for self-discovery that I could use to help myself and others. The hand analysis system developed by Mr. Unger and the faculty at the IIHA allows for both the rational, left brained 'here is the formula for determining life purpose' and the intuitive, right brained 'let me tell you what your hand says in a way you are most likely going to hear me.' Hand Analysis is the tool I've been seeking."


Here are some great resources to aid you in your quest for personal development.

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